386 - French Maid part 2 - Drooling Control

6:07 video

Vivienne could not help it!  She was gagged and handcuffed, chained while having to clean the kitchen floor.  Unfortunately for her, she was unable to control her drooling so her Master has decided to help her with the task.  She has been lifted up onto the kitchen counter and her head is placed over the sink, allowing her to drool as freely as she wishes without having to worry about mopping anything up!  Of course, this means that she is not able to do much of anything else, with the cold chains holding her entire body tightly, unable for her to move.  And even if she could, of course there is the fact of the four foot drop that would land her onto the hard, cold tile floor.  No, it's simply best if she just suffers and lets everything flow freely, for now.  Hopefully she will be able to return to her chores before long...

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