377 - Carried To Slavery

4:12 video

I was manhandled, stripped of my clothing and grabbed by a big meanie.  Thrown over his shoulder like some sack of potatoes, I am carried to my fate, that I do not know.  The sun beat down on us, burning my naked skin even as my mind raced thinking how I was to escape!  But it seems was not meant to be, that my life was no longer my own and that I was at the whim of new Masters.

The bully carried me from his van all the way across the property to a house trailer, where another bastard waited to retrieve me.  He was happy with his new package, which made me very afraid.  But then he picked me up and carried me away to his holding house.  The walk was long and hot but there was nothing I could do.  Then, I was in darkness awaiting the worse things my mind could dream...

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