023 - Whitney Morgan in Bedroom Trouble

14:18 video

Whitney Morgan is aslumber in her bed when a man enters into the darkened room and stuffs a black ballgag in her mouth, waking her up.  He tells her to shut up, grabs her by her arms and encourages her to walk downstairs in the dark.  Her breasts press out stretching her tank top to its fullest.  Soon it is too dark for her to find her footing and he pushes her to walk down the stairs anyway.


When the lights come up she is bound, hands behind her and ankles together, sitting on the couch.  He comes in carrying more rope, graps her by the back of her neck and holds her head between his knees as he binds her elbows together behind her back.  She struggles against him but he holds her tight, having her to take the rope against her will.


He shoves her over onto the couch and binds her knees together, ensuring she isn't going anywhere.  The man pushes her to the floor in front of the couch and finishes binding her up into a strenuous balltie.  Vetwrap is stretched tightly over her ballgag, quieting her down even further.  More rope is added and she is completely immobile in her balltie, the ropes pressing into her skin painfully.  Two hard swats from his hand leave red marks on her ass as he walks off to leave her to languish in her misery...

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