026 - Lila Lasher in The Chairtie

10:02 video

While AJ is away and out of commission doing various errands and scouting for models for Ogre's World, Lila Lasher is kind enough to come by and help keep Mr. Ogre entertained. She is wearing a blue sweater mini-dress and black leggings. Her plaid, peeptoe heels complete the outfit.

Ogre grabs some white rope and starts tying her wrists. "This your first time getting tied up," Ogre asks. "Oh, no, I've done this a few times," is her sly answer. He keeps tying her and works up to her elbows. After a false start or two, her elbows are finally tightly pressed together He wraps the rope around her breasts and forms a decorative harness, pinning her arms against her back.

There is plenty of small talk, little jabs and jokes given back and forth. "Strange hobby, I know" Ogre says. "It keeps you occupied" Lila muses. Ogre then confesses: "My therapist said I needed to find more willing people". Lila grins and nods "That would be good."

He has her kneel on a wooden backed chair. Wrapping rope around the chair and her lap, Ogre secures her heels on as well, keeping her legs bent and still. One final piece of rope goes from the front of the chest harness, down to the back of the chair, and then back to the knee rope securing her firmly in place on the chair. Once she is secured in place he asks her idly "Are you ticklish?" She looks around warily and says "No...no not at all."

He reaches over and grabs a large handkercheif, pushing it in her mouth. Then, as a final touch, Ogre wraps a stretchy, reusable bandage over the packing. He looks her over and then says "Well, I'm going to go make a sandwich. Thanks! Be back shortly." Lila nods in agreement and then is stuck until he returns.

And it might just be a while before he gets back...

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