003 - Brendas Bound Up in Pink and Left Miserable

15:04 video


Pink.  They love to wear pink.  I grabbed this one, wearing a pink top and hot pink heels and dragged her into my backyard.  Tied her off to a post and let her show off that amazing ass of hers, while drool seeped out from behind the bit gag I had wedged firmly in her mouth.  She wasn't going anywhere, at least not until I let her.  And I wasn't inclined to do so anytime soon.


Her wrists were bound tightly behind her and her elbows were anchored to her upper torso by more rope.  The rope leash I had on her held her to the framework attached to my fence.  I finally grabbed her by the harness and turned her to the cement pad where she had been standing, pushing her to the ground.  Once she was seated, I finished up the top half of her rope.  Ankles and knees were bound next, so she wasn't getting free.  She wasn't going to run.  I finally tied her head back and threw some more rope around her neck to let her struggle.


She whined for a long time after that...

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