018 - Jasmine Valley in Sexy Blonde in Lingerie Misused and Treated Poorly

17:34 video

Jasmine Valley has gone and done it this time.  How she pissed this guy off or what the hell happened before the beginning of the video clip is anyone's guess.  But she comes onscreen already ball gagged, wearing a sparkling top and high heel black pumps.  She's being dragged in by a man holding her by her elbows.


He throws her onto the couch and she tries to get up but he tosses her around like a potato sack.  She struggles to get away, but is easily overpowered by this guy who holds her down onto the floor.  He puts his ankles on either side of her neck while she thrashes and struggles to fight him.  He grabs her wrists and binds those together.  He follows up with elbow ropes keeping her from prying her arms apart.


She fights him, trying to thwart his attempts to bind her further.  She grabs at the ropes and at his hands but nothing seems to slow him down.  Soon, though, the sweat in his eyes from fighting her blinds him and he has to stop and wipe it off.  She tries to take advantage of the situation, but he still manages to hold her down onto the couch and with his free hand wipes the sweat off and flings it on her body and then again on her face.


She jumps up to run off and he grabs her by the hair, pulling her down to her knees.  "That's right, kneel in front of me with your face in my crotch."  "Fuck you" is her reply from behind the gag.  He shoves her face into his crotch and then tosses her back onto the couch, flinging his leg over her neck and back.  By now the elbow rope has slipped so he decides to do it again, only this time it isn't going anywhere.


Jasmine is flipped over onto her back and he puts his leg onto her throat, holding her down on the carpet while he frogties her left leg.  He adds more rope to her elbows, this time above them, and then flips her over so she is lying on her back and finishes frogtying her.  While he does this, she tries to get her other leg free.  He lifts her up easily and throws her onto the couch.  She struggles around and he grabs Jasmine by her hair, pulling her head back.  "You drool on my couch and I will fucking end you," he says seriously.  The look on her face says she understands.


A few minutes of struggling and falling onto the floor later and she ends up on her back, her legs opening and closing as she struggles to get the rope free.  Her assailant comes back in, holding a camera and looks down at her before he starts stepping on her face with his shoe.  He verbally abuses her a little more and then leans down to say to her "Psst... The best part's next..."

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