374 - October 19

6:48 video

Vivienne has been a very good girl this week and so I felt like she should be rewarded with some sexy playtime.  I had her put on her sexiest fishnet style stockings, with the attached garter belt, and her black collar.  She's also gagged pretty firmly as well and finally the outfit is finished with her patent leather, black fetish boots.  They are very uncomfortable and extremely hard for Vivienne to walk in with her petite, delicate feet.


I bind her, kneeling, on the soft, giving bed.  I know that if she moves too much that the mattress will compress under her and her predicament will get worse over time.  She is bound in a strappado, her wrists held at a medium height.  There is a rope around her chest, just underneath her breasts, that is also anchored to the other side of the bed.  She can swing a little bit forward, but to go backwards is impossible for the poor girl.


Her ankles are also bound and pulled backwards, behind her.  She can barely raise her feet.  She's able, in this position, to swing slightly and flutter a bit, but thrashing and any extreme movements are impossible for her.  She simply isn't going anywhere.  Which is why I then tied the rechargable wand to her, allow it to vibrate and torment her already sensitive pussy.  She is very horny before I even start the wand and that just makes her crazier.


I can't help myself and in this position I have to spank her ass with the belt.  I give her five or six good shots and I can see how far she is able to move.  The vibrator continues it's assault as I abuse her butt, making her squirm and whine with every swing of my belt.  "You're not going anywhere," I tell her.  "You're really not."  I have to adjust the wand a bit and let it vibrate her more effectively before I move the camera to get a better angle of her delicate, bright red ass.


Camera in one hand, belt in the other, I show you the full extent of her punishment.  She has an orgasm by the end of the video and I think it's well deserved.  But unfortunately, she has more torment to endure in the second part of our session...

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